I am not going to tell you that we want to fund all your deals.

There’s a lot of stuff that we just won’t do.

For example, borrowers with 800+ credit scores.

Our first thought is, “this has to be fraud…no one has credit that good.”

Or when customers are looking to finance $200K+ in equipment…

Yeah, that isn’t going to work for us either (we cap at $75K).

We also won’t be your go-to guys on heavy additional collateralized deals…

that’s just not our business.

But small-tickets ($5-$75K)…

550-660+ credit scores…

now you’re talking.

Sure, you have other sources that can do these deals, but let’s look at the top 5 reasons BlackRiver rocks

and why you should be using BlackRiver, too:

1.We’re really fast.

Have you ever lost a deal because of timing?

The worst, right?

You know it’s a slam-dunk deal.

You submit it to funding source X and you wait…

And wait…

And wait some more…

That isn’t going to happen with BlackRiver.

We have a 4-hour turnaround time on all credit submissions.


If we don’t turn your approval around in less than 4 hours we will pay YOU!

50 bucks straight to your pocket.

(please note that this only applies to complete credit packages received M-F 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. CST. We would love to approve your deals in our sleep but haven’t figured that one out yet…stay tuned…)

The speed doesn’t stop there.

We are speedy in the funding department too.

Often, we can fund the same day signed docs are received.

2. The service.

You’ll come for the speed…

But stay for the service….

Each of our origination partners has a dedicated broker rep, who is an actual human and answers the phone when you call.

(Seriously, some days I feel like it would be easier to find a unicorn than calling somewhere that didn’t have an automated phone system).

Each person at BlackRiver will go above and beyond to make sure we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

 3. 100% broker originated.

BlackRiver exclusively works with third-party originators.

This means your vendor and customer relationships are securely yours…


Doesn’t matter if your vendor or customer call us 11 days or 11 years later, we will always refer them back to you!

4. Predictable, competitive pricing.

Wanna know a sure way to lose a customer?

Pre-sell them at an 8% rate with no money due upfront…

then tell them SURPRISE…

you’re actually approved at 23% with 15% down.

We try our best to make sure that never happens.

Have you seen our program pricing tool?

If not, email Stephanie (stephanie@blackriverbc.com) to get yourself a copy.

Not only, is our pricing predictable…

it’s also competitive!

If you haven’t heard…

we recently introduced some new pricing and have rates starting at just 12.5%!

5. Staying power.

We’re in it for the long-haul…

(like as in long-haul trucking that we have a program for, by the way)

If you haven’t heard…

…we just partnered with one of the nation’s largest banks to secure a $20,000,000 credit facility.

(check out our  most last blog post for the details)

We’re here to stay folks.


Contact Stephanie (stephanie@blackriverbc.com) or call 512-942-7221 to learn more about our finance programs.

If you aren’t already set up with BlackRiver, we’d love to get you there!

If you’re already on board with us, let’s make it rain this June!