Did you know…

…that over 80% of the transactions funded by BlackRiver only require first & last payments upfront?

Some people see BlackRiver as strictly a structured lender….

Those people would be wrong.

That’s not to say that we don’t approve structured transactions.

We approve structured transactions every day.

We LOVE structured transactions.

But that’s not our primary business.

Most of the transactions we approve (and fund) are straight B & C deals with first and last due at signing.

So, now you’re probably wondering…

…what do we look at when pricing first & last transactions vs. structured transactions?

Basically, it comes down to these five questions:

  1. What does the personal and commercial credit look like?
  2. How long have they been doing what they do?
  3. Why do they need the equipment?
  4. Do they have money in the bank?
  5. Do they make consistent monthly bank deposits?

BlackRiver can be your go to source for these three types of deals:

Let’s start by looking at our First & Last “B” Program…

The biggest thing we are looking for here is credit (commercial and personal) as well as time in business (3 + years).

This program is mainly designed for two types of borrowers:

  1. Established businesses with previous credit hiccups
  2. Less established businesses with strong credit history


What about our First & Last “C” Program?

With this program, the main aspects we are looking at are:

  1. Banks (we like to see monthly deposits around 75% or more of the request….so if a borrower is looking to finance a $35,000 dump truck we need to see around $26,000 in monthly deposits)
  2. Time in business (more than 2 years)
  3. Equipment (how easily we can remarket and sell the thing if the customer stops paying us).

This program provides financing for business owners with slightly more challenged credit & stronger cash flow (more slow pays, some charge offs, but no auto repos, past-due child support, open tax liens or unsatisfied judgments).


And those STRUCTURED deals?

Our structured program is a great fit for businesses that also have strong cash flow but more credit challenges (i.e. no minimum credit score), hiccups and missteps (still NO auto charge offs, child support issues, open tax liens or unsatisfied judgments.

So what does a BlackRiver Structured deal look like?  A lot like a “C” deal but the more challenged credit requires 30% down…

  1. Minimum 30% down
  2. Good Banks
  3. Great Equipment
  4. C1-C5 Rates (if you aren’t sure what these are, ask us!)
  5. 36- Month Max Terms

When looking at structured transactions the first thing we do is look at the equipment. Then we look at the equipment again to make sure the retail price is in line with the market, figure out the auction value and how liquid the secondary market is. We are also primarily looking at the bank statements (again 75% of the request required in monthly deposits & they will need to bring 30% upfront).


Finally, we have some GRRREAT news!

You want to do more deals.

We want to do more deals.

We love doing deals.

You love doing deals.

It seems like the perfect match.

Contact Stephanie at 512-942-7221 or stephanie@blackriverbc.com to learn more!

Now for the part you have all been waiting for….


Be the first to correctly answer these 3 questions by commenting at the bottom of the BlackRiver Blog (compliments on the blog are also appreciated) for a chance to win! (Hint: you’ll probably want to have our broker guidelines handy for these)

  1. List one type of “Preferred” Equipment
  2. What is our lowest buy rate?
  3. What is the minimum TIB for our Structured Program?
  4. BONUS QUESTION (for tiebreaking and extra prize consideration) – For which credit tiers will BlackRiver approve and fund without reviewing bank statements?