By now you know that BlackRiver can be your go to source for 3 types of transactions:

  1. “B” (First & Last)
  2. “C” (First & Last)
  3. Structured

(Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock & missed that part…don’t worry because you can still read more about that here).

Now that you know WHAT we do, you’re probably wondering HOW we do it.

Wonder no more!

Remember flipping through magazines when you were a teenager to find those flowcharts that you would follow through to find out which celebrity you should be dating or what your college major should be?

Those were always my favorite part of my ‘Seventeen’ subscription.

And as fun as those flowcharts were they really didn’t help a lot with anything in real life…

I seriously would have flunked out of college if I had studied Zoology and don’t think I’m Brad Pitt’s type.

Although Seventeen’s version wasn’t actually very useful we’ve come up with our own BlackRiver Pricing that is!

Our flow chart is here to help answer how we price deals.

…and give you a better idea of what deals just don’t stand a chance with us (like me with Brad Pitt).

First thing we wanna know: Do they have time in business?

Borrowers with less than two years’ time in business will either be:

  1. Approved with structure
  2. Not a good fit


Now let’s take a look at those borrowers with more than 2 years’ time in business:

The next thing we look at is credit.

620 is the magic number here.

If the score is a 620 + with some depth to it (greater than 8 items on their personal credit report) and they have commercial credit, they are eligible for our “B” First and Last Program.

If the score is a 620+ and they don’t have at least 5 items on their personal credit report then they will be eligible for our “C” First and Last Program.

Now what about those borrowers with credit a credit score less than a 620?

You’re likely moving to “C” credit.

But you’ve seen these flow charts before…

…follow it for yourself for an idea of what fits where!


As always, if you have questions, reach out to or 512-942-7221.


We couldn’t forget BlackRiver Trivia! Be sure to post your answers in the comments below for your chance to win!! You will probably want a copy of your Broker Guidelines for help with this. Don’t have a copy? Request one from today!


  1. What is the minimum credit score for “B” pricing?
  2. Will BlackRiver consider a business with less than 2 years TIB below a 620 credit score? Yes or No