Meet Jessie

jessie pic

Thanks to all the business we’ve been getting from our awesome brokers we have added a new member to the team – Jessie Jones! We’re happy to have her (and the extra help)!


What I like best about working at BRBC:

The awesome people who work here, we are not always so serious; we joke around and laugh at ourselves all the time instead of it being a boring, stuffy office! And all the fizzy water I can drink!


Top 3 Highlights of my life:

  1. Meeting Chuck Norris during my 6th grade Karate tournament!!! (He’s shorter than I expected )
  2. Jumping out of a plane for my 25th birthday!
  3. Becoming an Aunt for the first time last October!


Pet peeves:

People cleaning their teeth while and/or after eating but still at the table! Ugh


Favorite song, movie, and book:

Song: “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels -the version that isn’t for kids!

Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Anything Adam Sandler related (he’s my fav)



What do you do outside of work that makes you awesome?

Making Ice Cream and knitting sweaters! But really what I love to do outside of work is running with my dog to gear up for ½ marathons & challenged races (ie. MudRuns, Savage Race, Zombie Run) and also takin out my paddle board & try not to fall off! Pretty much anything outside that can be enjoyed when the weather is perfect with a cold drink in hand!


Join me in welcoming to the team!