If you haven’t heard, BLACKRIVER WANTS TO BE THE GO TO FUNDER FOR ALL OF YOUR TOUGHEST DEALS. Some of you out there may be set in your ways and thinking “Who are these people and why would I send any of my deals to the new kids on the block?” So it is for you Mr./Ms. Broker that I present to you (drum roll please) The Top 7 Reasons Why BlackRiver Should Be The Go-To Funder For Your Toughest Deals.



  1. Speed

As the saying goes “Time Is Money”. Your time. Our time. Your customer’s time. Your vendor’s time.  That’s why we guarantee a two hour turnaround on all transactions. Our quick decisions enable you to provide timely solutions for your customers.



2. Flexibility

No, none of us can do the splits… (yet, side note: Kelley and I did recently start taking Pure Barre classes and are determined to have them down the by New Year’s)….BUT, we do work hands on with each of our referral partners to structure deals traditional funding sources decline. It doesn’t stop there.  One of the greatest strengths of BlackRiver is the flexibility we offer that goes beyond the original submission and into all stages of a transaction, even up until the end of a lease. I have witnessed firsthand each BRBC team member bend over backwards to come up with solutions to every possible issue.




3. Service

It is becoming less and less common to contact a business and get an actual human – or a human that is able to address your needs anyway.  When you call or email us we answer. And with a smile (unless of course you happen to reach us on a Monday morning after our favorite football team has lost the weekend before). We strive to make each interaction you have with BRBC an enjoyable one. We just think life is a lot more fun that way.



4. Consistency

Consistency is key. Our consistent and predictable underwriting processes and procedures allow our referral partners to set expectations with their customers and vendors.


We understand how frustrating underwriting inconsistencies and late stage curve-balls can be for our referral partners!


5. Simplicity

Ever read a lease document that goes something like “the hereby undersigns here as, where is, there to blah blah blah” and you’re thinking ‘Can I get that in English?’ We understand that we’re working with small ticket equipment leases – not rocket science. We strive to make everything from our pricing to our documents as simple as possible.


6. Competitive

We pay 15 points. On every transaction. We are a joy to work with AND we offer the most competitive terms in the C & D credit market.  I’ll end there because if that doesn’t want to make you send all of your toughest deals to us well, then, I don’t know what will.

7. A True Direct Funder

BlackRiver Business Capital is a direct funder.  Well capitalized by a significant bank facility – we keep all the leases we fund on our balance sheet and bill, service and collect each contract.  When you send a transaction to BlackRiver you know where your customer and vendor relationships are going and the level of service they will be provided.


Are you convinced yet? We would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email (credit@blackriverbc.com) or call us (512-284-7688).

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween weekend! What are you dressing up as? I think I’ll be a Jack O Lantern, Rob is going to be a perfect Baywatch David Hasselhoff and Kelley is going to pass out lots of candy.