This past month we celebrated our 2nd anniversary at BlackRiver Business Capital!

Somehow, the past two years feel like the blink of an eye and a lifetime.  When I look back at the first days of BlackRiver I cringe at some of the mistakes we made and chuckle about the way it all started…

We’ve come a long way from three people sharing 528 square feet of office in the back of an old bank without any windows (with a bathroom literally in the middle of us…ya…that was…interesting).

In the last two years, we moved to our beautiful new office space, reviewed more than 6,000 submissions and funded contracts in more than 30 states with more than 60 origination partners!

Have we made any mistakes? Uhhh ya.  Some small.  Some more significant.

But because of these mistakes we learned A LOT.

I am incredibly proud of the company we are now.  Our experience over the last two years, the good and the bad, are the reason we are where we are today…

Growing and always striving to improved. ever striving to improve, we remain 100% focused on providing best in class service to the broker community!

Here are some fun moments of the last year (note to self: take more pictures in year 3):


Rob & Stephanie with Origination Partners!

Bring your Mom to work day!


Marilyn Monroe visits the office for Rob’s 40th Birthday!

The girls of BRBC (Stephanie is at our Philadelphia office)

Burger Break