Happy Anniversary (or is it a Birthday?) BlackRiver!


Whatever it is, I can’t believe we’ve been doing it a WHOLE YEAR! What a ONE-derful first year it has been.

1 year, 3 new employees, lots & lots of leases (…and a few EFA’s), and countless memories later – we did it! We wouldn’t be where we are today without each of you, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


So…what exactly have we been up to the past 12 months?


…Well, after receiving over 3,000 credit applications (3,347 to be exact) we now have:


Leases in 39 states!




Leased 17 different equipment types

(NO equipment restrictions!)




Funded transactions with 59 origination partners, nationwide




AND hired 3 new employees

….read more about Cole, Luisa, and Jessie here  here


Here are some of our favorite memories from the first year


First Christmas Party!



World’s Best Boss



Happy Birthday, Jessie!



Collecting Payment$!


The first year has been GREAT and all….

but we are ready to take on round 2

….so we want YOU to send more deals TODAY


…Because Leo said it best:


Trivia Question:

Where is the name “BlackRiver” derived from?

*Write your answers in the comments below to be eligible to win!